A Rock Dump member hits the finishing jug on a competition problem during a competition at the gym. Photo / irwindigital.com

Classes and Clinics

Women's classes

Come climb with Jess! Part of our Wednesday night "Ladies' night," women's class is a chance to come climb with other women and discover what is special about being a female climber. Lessons focus on strengths of the female body and movement, including balance, flexibility, and grace.

Check out this article: Rock climbing is the only truly gender-blind sport.

Special clinics

Crack climbing Clinic in January! Check with the front desk for more information!

Special, in-depth clinics cover various aspects of climbing and are 3 hours, usually held on Sundays. Clinic topics include lead climbing, rappelling, buillding anchors and climbing outside, bouldering, and routesetting. Check the gym schedule or call us for upcoming clinic information!

The week after a clinic, we also hold two follow-up supervised clinic practice sessions where you can practice what you learned in the clinic with additional help from our staff. These are included in the price of the clinic.

We offer private lessons for climbers who want special training or for those whose schedule does not work with our other class offerings. All lessons are taught by climbers with years of experience. Rock Dump staff can work with you to schedule something that works for you!

Private lessons basics

  • $45/hour for the first student
  • $20/hour for additional students, up to 3
  • Can be scheduled any time depending on staff availability