A Rock Dump member hits the finishing jug on a competition problem during a competition at the gym. Photo / irwindigital.com

General information and History

About the gym

The Rock Dump Indoor Climbing Gym offers over 11,000 square feet of climbing. The main climbing room has 30 foot side walls and an open pitch to 40 feet in the middle. The Rock Dump has a bouldering area, a free standing tower, a chimney, 25 foot long ceiling, and many other features. The gym has 40 top ropes and about 50% of the gym is leadable.

At the Rock Dump we require that everyone that climbs or belays at the gym have a signed waiver on file at the gym. Anyone under 18 needs a waiver signed for them by their parent or legal guardian. There are NO exceptions to this rule. Belayers must be at least 14, and kids ages 14-17 need to pass a test before they are allowed to belay. You must also be 14 in order to be at the Rock Dump without direct parental supervision.

About the gym

The Rock Dump Indoor Climbing Gym opened in November of 2001. Owners Matt and Ami Cecil built and designed the "big, green building" after several years of planning. With the help of Marcel LaPerriere, a scale model was built and the construction of the climbing walls could begin.
With the exterior of the building complete, the gym space was a 60' by 60', three dimensional blank canvas. Keeping with our original model (whenever possible), we began building the climbing walls. Marcel ran the show with several carpenters coming and going throughout the project.
The framing and sheeting went slow at times, fast at other times. After 350 sheets of plywood and over 25,000 T-nuts pounded in by hand, it was starting to look like a climbing gym.

With a lot of primer, paint, gravel, and hard work, we were ready to open the doors on November 6, 2001. Once the doors were open, we quickly realized that the long hours of planning and building the gym were just the beginning. We often look back at those long hours as the easy days. At The Rock Dump, we are always trying to improve and evolve the gym on a daily basis. We like trying new things and new ideas, and we always welcome the comments of members and daily visitors. Come down and check out the gym, we promise you won't be disappointed.

Matt and Ami Cecil