A Rock Dump member hits the finishing jug on a competition problem during a competition at the gym. Photo / irwindigital.com

Birthday Parties

The Rock Dump is every kid's favorite party venue! Hours of climbing, movies on our huge TV, and cake on our party balcony in the center of a big, big building. Climbing for the first time at a birthday party can be a fun and novel experience, or the start of something more. We know you'll want to come back and climb again, so we give every partygoer a free climbing pass to come back and use on their own within two weeks!

Parties are for big kids too! We have even had folks climb for the first time to celebrate their 60th birthdays at the Rock Dump.

Youth climb team

Our most popular party rental, the climbing party package is $225 for up to 10 climbers, and $5/climber after that. Other partygoers or adults who are just belaying are free, and all the rental equipment is included. Call 586-4982 or email us to book your party today!

  • Access to the climbing walls (up to 10 climbers)
  • All required rental equipment
  • Basic belay training for adults
  • Reserved use of the party balcony, tables, and chairs
  • Open use of the lobby and big-screen TV for DVD movies
  • Your choice of music on the Rock Dump sound system (bring your ipod or other portable music player to plug in).
  • FREE climbing passes for everyone (they expire in two weeks)

Youth climb team

If you want to run your party after closing, we can do that for you! We have an hourly fee that we charge to stay open late, but the possibilities for custom fun are endless. We can do strobe-light bouldering, or cosmic climbing, we've even had a late night party with a live band! Contact us to chat about your ideas and plan something really unique!


What could be more fun that camping overnight at the Rock Dump? Overnighter packages start at $650 and can be customized however you want!

Youth climb team

Most of our parties are the simple Party package. But we have a wide selection of add-ons that can enhance your Rock Dump party and really make it stand out in everyone's memory! Here are the prices for those options. Remeber, the sky's the limit!

  • Regular 3-hour Climbing Party Package (up to 10 climbers) $225
  • Additional climbers after first 10 $5 each
  • Rock Dump staff belayer $70/party or $30/hour
  • After-hours gym extension $50/hour after closing
  • Overnighter package! Call for details. $650
  • Parties outside gym hours (up to 50 climbers) $125/hour

scheduling parties and events

You can schedule a birthday party for any time the gym is open. These times are listed on the schedule as "open climb." You do NOT need to schedule around classes or other scheduled programs in the gym. If you would like to schedule a party, call 586-4982 or email us and we'll help you set it up!

The Rock Dump can also be booked for parties and other events outside business hours. Check out the pricing page for more details!