A Rock Dump member hits the finishing jug on a competition problem during a competition at the gym. Photo / irwindigital.com

Teambuilding program

"Good, open communication is essential."

"You're only as strong as your weakest link."

"A friendly workplace is second to none."

These phrases are the mantra in many organizations, but groups often struggle to make meaningful progress toward those implied goals. Our team-building programs take your group out of the workplace and help them interact and relate on a different level. Team-building develops trust, communication, cooperation, goal setting, problem solving, leadership and it's just plain fun!

Teambuilding at a climbing gym

Since rock climbing is unfamiliar to most people, holding a rock climbing activity immediately levels the playing field. Most people are a little intimidated by scaling the walls, and nothing says "trust" like holding someone by a rope 40 feet up.

Example Activities

Blindfolded Climbing
Using only what you can feel and what your partners tell you, climb the wall to the top. Precise communication and trust in your partner is key.

Water glass relay
Shuttle a glass of water to the ceiling without spilling a drop! Pass the glass from partner to partner, planning, improvising, and working as a team to achieve your goal!

Bouldering Relay
Bouldering barely higher than the ground, try to traverse the entire gym. The next team member picks up where the last fell off. Plan ahead, use each individual's strengths to make it farther than the other team.

Team Climb
Rope up, several climbers side-by-side, also roped together! Climb at the same pace, communicate and cooperate with your neighbors; if one person falls, you're all in trouble! You're only as strong as your weakest link.

Telephone Rappel
Remember the old game of telephone? In this variation, our staff teaches the first person how to set up a rappel. That person teaches the next person, and so on. Precise instructions and clear communication are critical.