A Rock Dump member hits the finishing jug on a competition problem during a competition at the gym. Photo / irwindigital.com

Indoor rock climbing in Juneau

Have you ever wanted to try rock climbing? The Rock Dump is the perfect place to learn! Our gym is set up to get you climbing easy routes just minutes into your first visit, and you only go up from there!

The Rock Dump is a full-sized indoor rock climbing facility with routes of all difficulty on over 40 ropes, plus two bouldering areas. We have over 11,000 square feet of climbing in all. “The Dump” is one of Juneau’s hidden gems!

We have tons of programs for kids and families; from family discount drop-in days, to our youth climb team, we’ll get your kids climbing to the roof no matter their ability or ambition. Plus, the Rock Dump is Juneau’s favorite birthday venue!

Do I need to be in very good shape?

While climbing does require a certain level of fitness, you do not have to be an expert or in really good shape to come in an try it.

What if I have never climbed before?

We run everyone through a basic orientation on how to use their harness, tie into the rope, and work the belay devices, regardless of your previous climbing experience.

What should I wear to climb in?

The gym can be little cold sometimes, but once you get up and climbing you will quickly warm up. We always suggest that people wear clothes that they can easily move around in (like workout clothes) in layers.

Are there any age restrictions?

You must be 14 years old to belay at The Rock Dump, and if you're under 18 we have additional rules about belaying (see below). You must also be 14 to climb unsupervised (without an adult present). A child under 14 may climb with a sibling or another person 14 or older with the permission of their parent or legal guardian and a signed Warranty and Release from The Rock Dump. There are, however NO AGE RESTRICTIONS FOR CLIMBING. We have special harnesses for very small children, and we have had kids as young as 4 and 5 years olds climb all over the gym.

Can I learn to belay?

All Belayers under the age of 18 are required to pass a belay test in order to belay unsupervised. If the belayer has no prior experience they can come in with an Parent/adult and will be taught that day and upon their next visit will be tested and If they pass will be given a belay card and entered into the computer database. If the belayer wishes to come in without an adult they can take a belay class which will cost $15 and they will be given a temporary belay card for the day and upon return will be eligible to take a belay test and gain their permanent belay card. Belay tests will be given at any time and are free.

Do I need someone to climb with?

At The Rock Dump, we do not belay for climbers. It is always a good idea to bring someone to climb with or have someone to belay for you. We also have a bouldering area in which you can climb without ropes. People are generally pretty nice about belaying others, but we can not guarantee that there will be people here that are willing to belay other people.

Do I need to reserve time to climb in advance?

No, you do not need to reserve time to climb in advance. You can come in any time and learn how to climb. If you are going to bring in a group you should look at our group prices. In order to reserve a group session and receive the group rate you must book the group in advance.